Professional Development

What do we believe in when it comes to Professional Development?

Professional Development is a common buzzword in today's corporate culture, so how does it fit in here? NAAAP Orlando, in alignment with our National counterparts, believe in offering clear and applicable leadership and career development for members.

We aim to accomplish leadership and career development through three key areas:

  • A tangible and personalized leadership development plan that addresses individual needs
  • Embracing diversity and inclusion within the group to leverage different perspectives and viewpoints
  • Development of baseline career skills for all members - whether you're looking to get into the board room or simply want to improve your current skills, core competency development is key

Experience measurable and tangible self improvement

The above may sound great, but what does it actually mean for you? As a member of NAAAP Orlando, you receive the following benefits:

  • Access to self and career assessments to identify areas of strengths and possible blind spots
  • A tangible, workable development plan based on your unique strengths and possible blind spots
  • A development plan for baseline career skills
  • Access to developmental workshops
  • Access to mentorship opportunities


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